Tuesday, July 13, 2004

UKkasie surprises in more ways than one

Ukkasie was OK-ish - in fact better that expected in most respects, BUT and this is a big but - it was not well organised. The organisers completly underestimated the amount of people that wanted to attend, and I must say, that besides the odd band like Klogjag, it was sadly lacking in fresh and cutting edge Afrikaans music.

It was essentially a tale of two festivals. That of the young travellers in Leytonstone and the ex-pats in the Royal Albert Hall. The former was fun, the latter was very pretentious and even embarasing. The expats had no desire to take hands with Africa as the organisers wanted. Granted, the compare almost tried to force them to take hands. The mantra was repeatedly uttered through the tedious three hour show and the crowd coerced to take part. They shouted abuse in return. What a shambles.

Lucas Maree stood out in the Royal Albert hall. His guitar play and singing was touching and beautiful. He sang Johannes Kerkorrel's, Gee jou hart vir Hillbrow - echoing the organisers plea to take hands and feel with Africa. This was lost on most of the audience.

What ever one thinks of Steve Hoffmeyer's artistic merits, he was very professional and held much of the show together. Pity he did not floor some of the more obnoxious expats with one of his famous right hooks. Steve *is* cool.

Steve - a father of the nation - held the show together Posted by Hello

As for the Leytenstone event, it went well. There was even a spontanious rendition of Nkosi. For that to happen at an Afrikaans festival was unthinkable a few years ago. How times have changed.
The final word on this event from a posting on Gumtree: I met you at the zulu bar in leytonstone on a friday night. You were taking photos (for some website i think??)I'm in one of your pics, I'm the quy with the green shirt who thought you have the cutest accent in the world! You hit my friend twice because he was being a bit too forward(sorry he was very drunk), and then spat on him. (that was classy! he he) Anyway, besides the fact that your absolutely stunning, your unlike any girl i've ever met, extremely smart and sarcastic and feisty.. i was too nervous to ask for your number after what you did to my friend but if you would give me a chance i promise i hit my friend twice as hard.If anyone knows this girl or who did she work for please let me know, i am completely in awe. cheers.


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