Friday, December 03, 2004

Murmur: Desire, Sperm Deprivation, True Love

“This has been the longest and most unsuccessful courtship in the history of the world,” complains Gray Hofmeyr of his relationship with Jacqui L’Ange. “But an excellent film has come out of it,” L’Ange quickly adds. They are referring to Murmur, the M-Net film that they co-wrote and had its World Premiere at Sithengi last night.

The “fairy tale for grown-ups” was shot on location in Mozambique and involves a love triangle. “It’s certainly not like any other film that’s been made in South Africa to my knowledge,” says Hofmeyr. With the use of animation in innovative ways, an original southern African soundtrack with many young artists who have not been heard before and some “nice hot bodies”, Murmur is, as L’Ange says, “very indicative of what you can do with very little money and a lot of energy.”

The story is about fantasy, and the things that go on under the surface, with the strongest element being the love story. Due to popular demand, there will be an extra screening of