Thursday, July 06, 2006

Senzeni Na

Senzeni Na
What have we done
South Africa 2006 58min Subtitles
Dir: Portia Rankoane

Tsietsi Mashinini, the leader of the Soweto student uprising, was the apartheid government’s most wanted man in 1976. Forced into exile, he died under mysterious circumstances in Guinea Conakry, never to harvest the fruits of freedom in his homeland.

By means of rare archive and interviews with his close friends, comrades and family, the film goes beyond Tsietsi’s myth to discover what really happened to him in exile in West Africa. It depicts in detail the prelude to the momentous events that led up to June 16th 1976, and the unraveling of his political and social life after his marriage to beauty queen, Welma Campbell. It is both a celebration of, and a tribute to, a great revolutionary whose actions and those of his comrades, changed the course of history forever.
Courtesy of the SABC and the Director


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