Monday, June 14, 2004

Gums and Noses - Premiers at Durban

A black comedy about cocaine, advertising and self-esteem, Gums and Noses is a roller coaster ride which captures the protagonist’s descent in the dark world of addiction and dependency.

Gums & Noses is a wacky, sassy, sexy and invigorating joy ride through the yuppie world of advertising. When a colleague has a nervous breakdown, aimless James is unwittingly launched into the cut-throat, fickle, false and highly pressured career as advertising creative. When inspiration finally begins to flood through him, his boss, clients and bank manager are all ecstatic. Hooked on the buzz of success, James immerses himself deeper and deeper into drug underworld, until reality, literally, knocks at his door.

Dir: Craig Freimond.
South Africa/2004/90 mins/ctba.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great little South African movie -- unpretentious, not trying to make any big political statements, just telling a story well. The fact that it flows so smoothly is probably due to the fact that it was developed out of a play that had a good run -- it wasn't just another script that got filmed practically before anyone read it. Some think it a pity it was shown on M-Net rather than getting a big theatrical release, but it worked a treat anyway.

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