Friday, June 11, 2004 - Johannesburg to build a film city

Premier Mbhazima Shilowa this week took the war against Cape Town to another level announcing that authorities would build a 'film city'.
'Together with key stakeholders in the sector we will develop a 'film city' that will include Hollywood-class sound stages,' he stated.
He asserted that this would add further value to Gauteng's world-class film infrastructure and promoted Gauteng as a destination for international film production.
The move is consistent with trends in entertainment growth in Johannesburg, especially the money spinning film and television industry."
This puts Johannesburg and Cape Town in a neck-and-neck battle for supremacy in the multibillion Rand entertainment industry.

The Mother City is building its a state-of-the art production studio, set to put Cape Town as a leading home to movie and film making.

However, the City of Gold remains miles ahead of the coastal city as about 77 percent of all the television broadcasters and the country's television production industry reside in Gauteng.


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