Monday, November 08, 2004

German Co-production treaty one step closer

Germany and South Africa are poised to sign a film co-production treaty that could truly transform the local industry from being a service-based location destination into becoming prime partners in the making, direction and ownership of movie product.

At the Sithengi Film and Television Market 2004, industry representatives from both countries are set to seal discussions that began between executives of both Sithengi and the Berlinale in February 2003.

Co-production treaties are becoming a vital mechanism for accessing funds that are not always fully available in one country. A German co-production treaty would expose South African product to more financing possibilities from that country and would also increase opportunities for cashing in on funds cached under the European Union umbrella.

Ms Sonia Moerkens from the Berlinale Co-production Market and Ms Dorothee Wenner from the Forum, will front a workshop discussion at the Sithengi conference on the co-production possibilities at Artscape on November 17th. Check the conference programme for details.