Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rape for who I am

Rape for who I am

South Africa 2006 26min
Dir: Lovinsa Kavuma

South Africa is infamous for its rape statistics where a woman is raped every 29 seconds. But this insightful and revelatory film takes you into the marginalised society of black lesbians, and a worrying trend that seems to be on the increase. Bathini, Keva and Mary have been raped by men they knew – men who wanted to teach them how to be ‘real women’. The surprising thing is that these were not just homophobic men either, one rapist was gay. And others in the group talk of regularly being beaten by their partners. These women boldly tell their story and refuse to become victims of their sexuality. Our Constitution enshrines their right to equality, but society seems to be taking a while to catch up.
Courtesy of the Director


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