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Written by prolific scribe Greg Latter, directed by lauded commercials director Ian Gabriel, produced by Cindy Gabriel (Giant Films) and starring internationally recognized South African actors Arnold Vosloo (Hard Target, The Mummy and The Mummy Returns), Zane Meas (Isidingo), Quanita Adams (Valley Song, At Her Feet) Christo Davids (Shooting Bokkie) and Lionel Newton (Jump The Gun), is due for release in South Africa in 2004.

Forgiveness is based on the story of Tertius Coetzee, an ex-apartheid policeman, (played by Vosloo) who resigned from the South African Police Force after giving evidence at the Truth and Reconciliation Hearings. He has recently been granted amnesty for his crimes but remains tormented by a bad conscience - the family of one of the victims he 'eliminated' did not come forward during the hearings and, for Coetzee, forgiveness remains incomplete. His search for the Grootboom family leads him back to the windswept town of Paternoster and triggers a ferocious series of revelations as events rapidly spiral in and out of control.

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The story of one man's quest for absolution amid a people destroyed by the weight of his sins.


Granted amnesty for crimes committed in the name of Apartheid, ex-South African cop Tertius Coetzee, played by Arnold Vosloo, still feels shackled by the sheer weight of his sins. For Tertius and his bloodstained hands, forgiveness lies in the windswept, austere fishing town of Paternoster, where the family of one of his victims live. As he enters Paternoster, Tertius realizes that this final mission for redemption could be his last.

With the help of the local Priest, Tertius is able to set up a meeting with the Grootboom family. Although loathe to have the murderer of their son, Daniel, enter their house, the Grootboom family acquiesce. An awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere pervades the tense setting. The father, Hendrik, (Zane Meas) is a fisherman, barely able to support his wife, Magda (Denise Newman), eldest daughter, Sannie (Quanita Adams) and youngest son, Ernest. (Christo Davids) The last thing they need is for the past to be dug up. It turns ugly, as an especially outraged Ernest and Sannie confront Tertius. How dare he set foot in their house?

Tertius leaves the Grootboom household resigned to the fact that forgiveness will seemingly never come. Sannie, meanwhile, makes a call to Llewellyn Meintjies (Elton Landrew), Daniel's former friend and activist comrade. The news that Tertius is in Paternoster hits too close to home for Llewellyn, after-all he and his two comrades were the reason Daniel was tortured to death by the police. Llewellyn hatches a revenge scheme and implores Sannie to do whatever she can to keep Tertius in Paternoster, until he can round up his "brothers in arms", thunder into town and exact poetic justice.

So begins a visceral race against the clock, as Sannie begins to doubt her feelings of anger toward Tertius, and tries to notify Llewellyn and his fiery comrades, Zuko (Hugh Masebenza) and Luke (Lionel Newton), to turn back. But the angels of death are fueled by a dark secret that spurs them on relentlessly through the harsh outback of the Karoo desert. Retribution, culpability and forgiveness are all on the cards, and all bets are off!

The marketing bit...
Forgiveness is the first, highly anticipated, debut film by director Ian Gabriel. The elegiac and harrowing story comes from the pen of prolific screenwriter Greg Latter. Expect an evocative journey into the heart of darkness where the sins of the past are revisited in the present. Like Wim Wenders' Paris, Texas and Eastwood's Unforgiven, the powerful themes at work in Forgiveness will cast a lasting spell over you.

Duration 115 min
Production Date 2004
Format HD and 35mm, Dolby SR 5.1
Production Company Giant Films

Executive Producers Jeremy >> Nathan and Joel Phiri
Writer >> Greg Latter
Director >> Ian Gabriel
Producer Cindy >> Gabriel
Director Of Photography >> Giulio Biccari
Production Designer >> Leon van der Merwe
Editor >> Ronelle Loots
Production Company >> Giant Films

Key Cast
Tertius Coetzee >> Arnold Vosloo
Sannie Grootboom >> Quanita Adams
Hendrik Grootboom >> Zane Meas
Magda Grootboom >> Denise Newman
Ernest Grootboom >> Christo Davids
Father Dalton >> Jeremy Crutchley
Llewellyn >> Elton Landrew
Luke >> Lionel Newton
Zuko >> Hugh Masebenza
Eva >> Nan Hamilton


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Blogger KaliTime said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing this film. I'd seen a review on an Arnold Vosloo fansite and it seemed a really intriguing story.

Is it available on DVD in the United States, by any chance? If not, is it possible to get a copy of it made in either multi-region or region 1 format?

4:36 PM  

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