Monday, June 21, 2004

Surfrikan - Dialectics from Durban

Howzit bru,

What's vaaing ekse? This page makes me woes. You ou's don't have a span of words from Durban! A connection at graft dialled me into your website yesterday, and it made me lag. I am an expat from Durban, with a porsie in Sydney, Oz. It was keef to read this but made me mal that I couldn't choon the ous at graft. Blind ekse.

No idea what this person is on about? Then see the dictionary of South African surfer slang here.

Some examples...

(No way, absolutely not)

Aita! ('Ay-tah')(Greeting)
"Aita brah!" Originated in the townships among the youth, and still used. It's common among politically correct (PC) people. Rabid racists in the past have miraculously become PC people.


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