Sunday, July 25, 2004

Born into Struggle

Born into Struggle was premiered this week in Cape Town.

Official blurb: This is a brutally honest and deeply personal portrait of the painful familial scars left behind by a key member of the Struggle. Set against a much larger political backdrop, this intimate detail explores the reasons behind, and consequences of, life choices.

Rehad Desai spent most of his life in exile due to his father’s constant political activity. Instrumental in stalwartly maintaining international pressure on South Africa’s Apartheid regime, Barney Desai was a hero to many but a strict, distant authority figure to his family. A disparity reflected in the careers chosen by Rehad and his siblings. 

This story is centred on the personal development of Rehad that leads to intense political activity in the UK, Zimbabwe and then, while accompanying his father in 1990, South Africa; thus repeating the cycle.

Courtesy of Uhuru Productions
Zivia Desai Keiper

Born into Struggle South Africa 2004 video 80min
Dir: Rehad Desai


Anonymous adam said...

an amazing insight to the lives of exiles and that of a political giant, barney desai. i was personally very moved by this film and well done rehad desai. thank you to the desai family for sharing their lives with us. what a wonderful mother and what a beautiful family.

10:12 PM  
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