Monday, August 30, 2004

Chikin Biznis

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Chikin Biznis presents a slice of South African township life told in whimsical style. The upbeat film zones in on the opportunities and challenges facing entrepreneurs in the new South Africa.

Chikin Biznis is director Ntshaveni Wa Luruli first feature, the other being The Wooden Camera. Wa Luruli is refreshing in his portrail of an up-beat South Africa, delivered with a soft touch.

Lead character, Sipho, retires after working in the city for 25 years. His master plan is to sell chickens to the Soweto community. A calculated risk which soon leads the cavalier Romeo into some hilarious and sometimes dangerous situations.

Sipho's new found trade seemingly enhances his noteable charisma and leads him into a string of endless incidents. He has a talent for sweet talk, mischievous banter, illicit (often dangerous) liaisons, less than legit business dealings and general chaos.

However, all is restored to order in the end and Sipho settles down to a life of relative peace and contentment much to the happiness of all around.

As the tale unfolds, Soweto’s heartbeat – the verve of the people and the environment reveal a colourful tapestry. Chikin Biznis is a spirited contemporary African story rich in texture and sound.

Director: Ntshaveni Wa Luruli

Actors: Fats Bookholane; Connie Chiume; Clementine Mosimane; Nomsa Nene

Running time: 112 minutes

Date Released: 1998

Age restriction: PG

Vues D’Afrique African Film Festival Montreal 1999
Grand Prix
Best Leading Actor
Best Script