Monday, August 30, 2004

SA doc festival - Encounters - anounces results

South Africa's premiere documentary festival Encounters, the 6th South African International Documentary festival has announced the winners of the prestigious Jameson Audience Awards for 2004.

Best International Film - Touching the Void by Kevin Macdonald
Best South African Film - Born into Struggle by Rehad Desai

The next top four films in each category, Best Film and Best South African Film, are as follows:

Best South African Film

Story of a Beautiful Country
Spirits of the Uhadi
South African Love Story - Walter and Albertina Sisulu
A Fisherman's Tale

Best International Film

Riding Giants
House of Saud
Bus 174
The Corporation

Encounters was very pleased to report an unprecedented 34% growth in attendances at this year's South African International Documentary Festival with over 13 000 patrons attending the Festival.

Born into Struggle, a world première at Encounters, is a very personal story directed by Rehad Desai. His father, Barney Desai, took his family to live in exile in England and this is the touching tale of their trails and tribulations. Born into Struggle will feature at the upcoming 3 Continents Festival and will be screened on SABC1 in 2005.