Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Stokvel gets Emmy nomination

Penguin films, is among two African television productions outfits nominated for special prizes during the prestigious 6th International Emmy Awards Gala to be held on November 22 in New York.

South Africa's Stokvel, by Penguin Films, was nominated in the comedy category, and will compete for the award against Germany's Berlin, Berlin. The South African film is set in a community-run savings scheme and revolves around the regular meetings that decide which project will get funding.

The programme received two nominations from the international panel of judges, the highest number ever for a South African film in the awards.

Nation TV Cameraman George Bwana, who captured the heart-wrenching images on film.

The nomination for Stokvel was collected by Ms Jackie Motsepe, of the South African National Film & Video Foundation.

A total of 28 TV programmes were picked in seven categories for the awards.