Monday, November 08, 2004

Sithengi aims to develop local talent

Between November 16th and 19th, Sithengi 2004 will host this exciting forum for filmmakers. Some 70 participants, ranging from students to young, relatively inexperienced cineastes from the region will pitch in with older, more skilled local personnel as well as a few masters from Africa and abroad.

Says CEO of Sithengi, Michael Auret: "The Talent Campus is a great opportunity for students and both aspiring and experienced filmmakers to learn from masters in the industry, both locally and internationally. The Sithengi Film & Television Market will now provide a new learning environment within the Market to allow professionals to increase their knowledge and skills and benefit from visiting international experts".

The Talent Campus will cover important aspects of the filmmaking process from pre-production, production, post-production and promotion and marketing to distributing film.

The Berlin Talent Campus brought in over 400 participants from about 60 countries. The success of this blueprint is reckoned to have revived the dynamism of the Berlinale amongst a growing, often confusing cluster of film festivals scattered through Europe.

It is hoped that Sithengi will add new shine to its lustre with the potential explosion of skills energy from the inaugural Talent Campus. "Our aim is to allow aspirant and veteran filmmakers an opportunity to acquire knowledge on global trends and techniques.

Source: Sithengi Newsletter