Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mixed Blessings

Mixed Blessings
South Africa 2006 48min
Dir: Gillian Schutte & Fumane Diseko

Although striving for raceless society, the reality of living in South Africa is very different. In this sincere documentary, two sets of interracial parents look at how their children view the issue of race. Although neither Fumane nor Gillian wish their children to be viewed as ‘coloured’, what will they ultimately think of themselves? And how will their own political, cultural and intellectual upbringing and sensitivities contribute to their children’s idea of self and interaction with the world. Ultimately the children must decide for themselves. But for now, Kai, son of Gillian and Sipho, is a happy, self-possessed little boy who thinks of himself as golden. And Rehumile, the eldest of Fumane and Francisco’s three children, applies a liberating attitude – she is Worldian, a person of the world.

Courtesy of the SABC and the Director


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