Sunday, July 25, 2004

The Boks are back

Os Guevara Posted by Hello

To many a whitey (A white South African), the advent of multi-racila democracy spelt the death of the country. And the demise was never more in evidence than in the rapid decent of the Rugby Springboks - from superstars to second rate.

BUT, they were wrong. The country did not go to the wall. In fact, as is increasingly obvious, on many fronts South Africa is progressing fast. A proud new identity, a self confidence is becoming evident. It was small wonder then than the Boks have blasted their way back into the top rung of International rugby. It only a matter of time before South Africa kicks some All Black ass.

And for all those lentil eating South African lefties out there who feel that could not possibly support the Boks - kwailawai* says - the Boks are the vangaurd of revolution. Viva Os, Viva! VIVA! 


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