Thursday, July 06, 2006

Johnny Appels – the Last Strandloper

Johnny Appels – the Last Strandloper
South Africa 2006 24min Subtitled
Dir: Michael Raimondo

as the Atlantic breeze, this light and charming film sees Johnny Appels, and his merry band of hounds, daily teeter across the ancient slippery rock walls of Arniston’s fish traps, catching the fish and octopus left behind by the tide. Living according to the rhythm of the ocean, Appels loves his life, making his living from nature’s bounty using an age-old method handed down from the original inhabitants, the Khoisan. But Appel’s life has not always been so fulfilling. His stint in Victor Verster Prison for stabbing and assault left a tattooed body with eyes in the back of his legs and a determination to return to the sea. When he received amnesty, he headed back to the shore and began the process of repairing himself and the traps.


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