Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Zanzibar International film festival to focus on SA

Celebrations The 7th ZIFF Festival (25th June - 4th July) 2004
of the Dhow Countries will recognize the global significance of South Africa's tenth anniversary of independence. Film and Music and Performing Arts programmes will feature South Africa 10! with cutting edge and award winning film making and musical performances.

Amongst the movies shown is Sidney Kentridge's Johannesburg, 2nd Greatest City After Paris.

The evolution of the South African film and music industries into global players has particular resonance for East Africa and the Dhow Region. Through workshops, discussions and other film and music industry events the experiences and professional know-how will be shared with the aim of empowering the film and music industries within the East African and the Dhow Regions.

The festival which is held annualy on the beautiful Zanzibar Island will feature the following impressive South African features, documentaries and animation.

A Fisherman’s Tale
And There In The Dust
Being African
Being Pavarotti
Bessie Head
Black Sushi
Body Beautiful
Byale / Female circumcision
Culture Clash
Die Tamat / The Tamat
Felix in Exile
Freedom is a Personal Journey
History of The Main Complaint
Hot Wax
Ikhaya / Home
Johannesburg, 2nd Greatest City After Paris
Memories of Rain
Mozart-The Music of the Violin
Nabantwa Bam / With All My Children
Pitch Fever
Senter / Center
Small Street
Sobriety and Growing Old
Soldiers of the Rock
Solly's storyStereoscope
Strong Enough
The Flyer
The Zanzibari Connection
Through the Eyes of my Daughter
Triomfeer / Triumph
Under the Rainbow
Weighing…and Wanting

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