Thursday, July 06, 2006


South Africa 2006 72min Subtitles
Dir: Asivhanzhi Mathaba

Cruising the nightclubs of a psychedelic Hong Kong is a young, vibrant and forthright South African singer called Precious Unathi Motsweni. Precious considers her current career path a stepping-stone to international recognition. That has already involved cosmetic surgery and a trip to Dubai. But the resolute pursuit of stardom continues and so we chase her from her agent’s office in Johannesburg to a studio in Hong Kong to another back in Johannesburg. But while Precious’ determined ambition is remarkable, her sensitive and giving nature emerges when she returns to her rural home. There we see Precious tackle her unresolved and painful history that includes a broken home, an indifferent father, a now sober grandmother, and a not so sober mother.


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