Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Star - South African film industry 'needs more fantasy'

Star - South African film industry 'needs more fantasy': "Charlize Theron's Oscar and plans for a Hollywood-style film studio in Cape Town have cast the spotlight on South Africa's film industry.

But with even experienced local filmmakers unsure of where the industry is going, those South Africans about to enter the field are looking further afield.

Tyron Lecki (22) is a third-year film-producing student
at AFDA, the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance, based in Auckland Park. He says the diverse cultural backgrounds of South Africa's peoples give the country an edge in the international market.

'All the different groups of people bring new cultural ideas to film,' he says.

However, the local industry is 'too Americanised', and needs to develops its own stars, he says. It is also 'too caught up in realism', in themes of rape, suicide and apartheid's legacy. "


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